Asphalt vs. Concrete: Which One Should You Choose for Your Driveway?

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Are you trying to choose between asphalt and concrete for your next paving project? Both options have their similarities, but there are a few important differences you should consider before deciding which material will best meet your needs. As your local driveway paving service in Lufkin, TX with over 30 years of experience, the team at Brown’s Paving and Excavation has put together a handy list to give you a rundown of these differences:

  • Cost: As with any comparison, cost is often a deciding factor, so let’s start with that. Asphalt is, generally speaking, much cheaper than concrete. Although crude oil prices can affect the cost of asphalt, the cost per square foot typically runs between $2.50 and $4. Concrete, on the other hand, will typically cost somewhere between $4 and $6 per square foot. Prices will vary depending on the specifics you want, but asphalt will almost always be the less expensive option.
  • Durability: After cost, our clients usually want to know which material will last longer. Concrete is definitely the more durable option. Concrete driveways will typically last 40 years or more, while the longevity of an asphalt driveway is closer to 20 years.
  • Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, asphalt driveways will require more attention than concrete driveways, but the maintenance required is fairly simple. Six months after installation, asphalt driveways will need to be sealed. After this first application, the asphalt will need to be resealed about every 3 to 5 years. However, sealing an asphalt driveway is inexpensive and anyone can do it. Concrete driveways do not need to be sealed (although adding a sealant can help prevent stains) and require very little maintenance.
  • Repairs: If your driveway should crack or need some other repair, asphalt driveways are typically easier and less expensive to fix. Cracks in asphalt can be easily filled and blended to look like the rest of the driveway. Concrete, on the other hand, requires more work, and the crack will always be visible. For more serious repairs, an asphalt driveway can be resurfaced, whereas a concrete driveway often requires replacement, which can become very expensive depending on the amount of damage.
  • Aesthetics: Finally, a comparison would not be complete without talking about the aesthetics of concrete and asphalt. Honestly, both look great, but some people prefer the black finish of asphalt while others like the more off-white look of concrete. Concrete has an additional appeal because it can be tinted to obtain a variety of colorations, while asphalt only has the standard black option. In addition, concrete can be stamped or etched to achieve different patterns and finishes.

Ultimately, both concrete and asphalt are good options for driveways. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences and what you think will best meet your needs. As your local driveway paving service in Lufkin, TX, Brown’s Paving and Excavation offers quality services for both concrete and asphalt. To learn more about our services and to get a free estimate for your next paving project, give us a call today!

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