Ideas for Using Rocks in Landscaping

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In the Texas weather, maintaining your lawn and garden can be challenging, particularly if you want to add more plants to make it stand out. Rather than using small shrubs and other green items to accentuate your garden, rocks can make an excellent addition and add a unique element to your landscaping projects.

Rock is available in all types and colors and can be crushed very fine or left as large boulders. All kinds of rocks can add a special something to your lawn and garden with a little creativity and some help from a rock contractor in Lufkin, TX. Here are some ideas for using rocks in your landscaping.

Replacement for mulch

Small-sized rock can be a great replacement for mulch in shrubbery beds or around trees. This is a great idea because rocks are much more durable than mulch, which has to be replaced every year. Additionally, rocks help prevent weeds from growing around your plants. Rocks also provide a nice contrast against the living things in your garden for a more unique look.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can even replace your entire lawn with rock! If you struggle keeping grass alive or suffer from a lot of weeds, covering your lawn with a rock color that pairs well with your home’s exterior.

Create a rock garden

Larger rocks can be added to a garden to create standout features. These are especially helpful on hills to prevent soil erosion and to anchor plants to the soil. Make sure the rock is set firmly in place to prevent it from rolling down the hill.

Borders for ponds or walkways

Small and medium-sized rocks make the perfect borders for walking paths and ponds to cover otherwise unsightly plastic or rubber tubing. For the best results, choose a variety of sizes and colors in a certain palette so they don’t all look the same.

Container gardens

Container gardens can be set up on top of rock to create a striking focal point for your backyard. Buy similarly colored containers to pot plants or flowers in, then select rock that matches the containers. Cover a designated area in your yard with rocks and then place the containers on top.

Be sure to add holes to the bottoms of the containers if they don’t have them already. When your sprinklers water your plants, the water will drain out and go through the rocks below, back into the soil.

Add to outdoor hardscape projects

Rocks also make great additions to hardscape projects that accentuate your backyard. Add rocks to waterfalls, outdoor kitchen spaces or your patio to match the rocks in your landscaping and to complement the exterior of your home.

Work with a professional rock contractor in Lufkin, TX

Brown’s Paving and Excavation is your go-to expert in rock sales in Lufkin, TX. Whether you need rock for a landscaping project, your driveway or something else, we’ll be able to serve you. We crush all our rocks in-house to be able to give you the best quality at the lowest prices.

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