Are Cement and Concrete the Same Thing? Answers from Your Concrete Contractor in Lufkin, TX

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Have you ever used the term “cement mixer”? Have you ever referred to a walkway as a “cement sidewalk”? Did you know neither item exists? Most people don’t. As a concrete contractor in Lufkin, TX, we can understand that’s hard to believe. Here’s the scoop. Ingredient vs. Product Many people interchange the terms concrete and cement. Examples include the terms mentioned above. In reality, they are not the same thing. That “cement sidewalk” is actually made of concrete… which is made of cement. The mixer is mixing concrete, which includes cement. One is the ingredient. The other is the finished... View Article

Asphalt vs. Concrete: Make a Smart Choice with Help from Your Local Concrete Contractor in Lufkin, TX

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You’re planning your next project, and you have two options: asphalt and concrete. Which is better? Which will give you the best results and highest return on your investment? As a concrete contractor in Lufkin, TX, we offer the following insights to help you choose the best option for your situation. Asphalt Pros Cost: The initial construction cost for asphalt is typically lower. This allows you to complete projects with a smaller starting budget. Noise: Asphalt pavements generally produce less traffic noise. Flexibility: Asphalt offers flexibility to perform well over expansive soils and less stable subgrades. It is also less... View Article

Why Concrete Is a Sustainable Option for Your Driveway

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Concrete driveways are a popular choice for homeowners due to their longevity, reliability and sleek look. We at Brown’s Paving and Excavation do a lot of concrete pouring in Lufkin, TX for residential driveways and have seen firsthand the beautiful look of a completed concrete driveway. However, most people do not realize that concrete is also a great sustainable building material. Many of its properties make it reusable and eco-friendly. If environmentally friendly building materials are important to you, you might want to consider using concrete to create your new beautiful driveway: Abundant: The major component used to create concrete... View Article