Four Ways to Protect Your Asphalt from Water Damage

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Asphalt roads, driveways and parking lots are incredibly durable, but as you’ve probably noticed, asphalt tends to crack over the course of its lifespan. Once water gets into these cracks, the ground can start to degrade and potholes will eventually form. These ugly potholes can cause thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles, and can be fairly expensive to repair.

Thankfully, there’s a way to prevent (or at least delay) pothole formation. Keep reading to learn about protecting your asphalt from water damage from your friendly asphalt sealcoating service in Lufkin, TX:

  • Sealcoating: The best way to protect your asphalt from water damage and pothole formation is to have it sealcoated every three to five years. This liquid applied to the top of your asphalt also prevents damage from UV rays as well as motor oil and gasoline spills. Sealcoating also restores your asphalt’s beautiful black appearance! You can have your parking lot looking brand new in just a matter of hours.
  • Make repairs as soon as possible: Since asphalt is constantly being driven on and is continuously subjected to harsh weather, it develops cracks over time. Have these cracks repaired as soon as you notice them to avoid any ensuing potholes. The longer you wait to have cracks patched up, the more water will be able to seep into the crack and degrade the soil under the road. Repairing small cracks is much cheaper than fixing potholes or having your parking lot totally repaved.
  • Redirect water: A proper drainage system is key if you want to avoid any water damage to your parking lot or driveway. Without good drainage, water will pool up on your driveway and eventually cause small cracks that’ll just grow and grow. Hire trained professionals to install your driveway and you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have proper drainage in place.
  • General maintenance: Keep your asphalt maintained by a professional and you can count on having a crack- and pothole-free parking lot! Maintenance includes things like shoveling any snow or ice, cleaning up debris and patching up cracks. Call us today if you think it’s time to treat any problems with your parking lot or driveway.

If you’re looking to hire an asphalt sealcoating service in Lufkin, TX, why not choose Brown’s Paving and Excavation! Here are just a few of the advantages we offer:

  • Affordability: At Brown’s, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet and beat any competitor’s pricing! Whether you’re having a crack repaired or your whole parking lot repaved, we guarantee we can offer you the best estimate.
  • Speed: You can’t be waiting around for weeks on end with terrible-looking potholes in your parking lot. That’s why we work quickly to finish each job. We work efficiently to ensure your parking lot is as good as new in no time at all.
  • Variety of services: We offer a wide range of services for all of our customers. Whether you need work done at your home or business, we have the crew for the job!

Winter is a highly problematic time of year for asphalt. Cold temperatures as well as the vicious freezing and thawing cycle make any existing cracks much worse. Call an asphalt sealcoating service in Lufkin, TX today to have your asphalt sealcoated and/or repaired. Sealcoating is guaranteed to prolong the life of your asphalt and keep your lot looking great.

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