How to Make Cracks and Lines Disappear from Your Parking Lot

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If you own a commercial business, you understand the amount of attention you need to pay to maintaining your building, but how much do you know about maintaining your parking lot? Keeping your parking lot clean and smooth is crucial as a business owner. Not only does a nice, smooth parking lot display professionalism, but it also can save you money over time.

Cracked and damaged asphalt parking lots are at risk of becoming even more damaged; water is able to seep down to the base layers of your parking lot, degrading the materials and causing potholes that can be expensive to fix. When you invest in asphalt parking lot paving in Lufkin, TX, you should also be aware of how to fix any cracks that may appear over time. Fortunately, this guide will teach you the basics.

How to seal cracks in asphalt

Sealing cracks in your asphalt parking lot is a relatively simple process. First, you’ll need to identify a quality paving service to come examine your parking lot and determine the right sealant to use. The paver will then blow any dirt and debris out of the cracks to ensure the seal sticks properly.

An asphalt crack sealant made of highly elastic polymer material will be used to fill in each crack. The seal is applied at an extremely high temperature, which causes the edges of the cracked asphalt in your parking lot to melt and adhere to the seal better.

Once all cracks are filled, your parking lot will be more resistant to water and future damage. Unfortunately, the process of sealing cracks is only temporary. You will likely need to have parking lot paving in Lufkin, TX redone as your lot continues to wear.

Severely damaged lots

For severely cracked and pothole-filled parking lots, simply sealing cracks won’t do much to prevent major structural damage on your property. Instead, you should consider adding an asphalt overlay to your existing parking lot, which can extend the life of the lot. If the top layer of your parking lot is damaged but the base is intact, you may be a good candidate for an overlay.

When you start to notice large areas of cracks and potholes, it usually means the sub-layer is damaged, and merely filling cracks will not be able to stop the larger problem. If your parking lot is cracked and damaged to the base layer, you should probably consider having it repaved.

Speak with an expert to make your parking lot look like new

Is your parking lot plagued with cracks and potholes? Don’t delay in fixing the problem, or you can face costly repairs later.

Call the paving experts at Brown’s Paving and Excavation! For 30 years, we’ve served residential, commercial and industrial clients with our top-quality paving and excavation services. Whether you need a few cracks filled, an asphalt overlay or complete parking lot paving in Lufkin, TX, we’ve got you covered. Our work is quality guaranteed for your peace of mind. Give us a call today!

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