The Benefits of Adding a Pond to Your Landscape

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If you are like many other homeowners, you probably can’t wait for sunny days and warm weather to arrive so you can get started on outdoor projects. Maybe building a backyard or front yard pond has been on your radar for a few years, and this is the year you’re going to make it happen. If that’s the case, you may want to read up on garden ponds before diving into this type of project.

Have you been thinking about garden pond excavation in Lufkin, TX? Are you wondering whether a pond offers more than just beauty to your property? Here are six benefits of adding a pond to your landscape:

  • Help local wildlife: When you install a pond of any size, you’re providing water, food, shelter and a place to bathe for the local wildlife, such as deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, reptiles, amphibians, beneficial insects and so much more. Wildlife needs fresh water to drink year-round, and your pond can offer this precious commodity. This type of water feature may also attract amphibians that have left polluted or contaminated water sources in search of a safe place to reproduce.
  • Reduce the insect population: While some insects are beneficial to your garden, others… not so much. Installing a pond can help reduce the insect pest population. But what about mosquitoes? It’s a misconception that ponds encourage pests like mosquitoes; maintain your pond and you likely won’t encounter a mosquito problem. In fact, well-maintained ponds attract dragonflies, which prey on mosquitoes.
  • Raise food: If you have room to build a sizable pond, you can raise fish for food. But before you add fish to your pond, make sure they are the types that can survive in your location’s climate. Additionally, you may be able to grow water-loving edibles like watercress, rice and water chestnuts. Edibles such as these thrive well in healthy ponds and don’t require much upkeep.
  • Use as an emergency water source: In a pinch, healthy private ponds can be used as emergency water sources. However, you will need to properly sterilize the water before drinking it. Keep in mind that, depending on the size of your pond, it may not be a permanent source of water, yet it could help you and your family in an emergency situation for a time.
  • Get natural garden fertilizer: Pond water is an excellent fertilizer for your home garden and plants. It can come in the form of green fertilizer and liquid fertilizer—natural algae and other plants work well as green manure. The most nutritious and beneficial water for use as fertilizer comes from large ponds containing healthy populations of fish and plants.
  • Add curb appeal: Homeowners thinking about installing a pond on their property are usually interested in enhancing curb appeal. This makes sense, since professionally designed and well-built ponds are beautiful, and they make everything that surrounds them more attractive.

Give the team at Brown’s Paving and Excavation a call to learn more about ponds and the steps that go into pond excavation in Lufkin, TX!

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