How to Prepare for Your Rock Landscaping Project

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Adding rocks into your garden or yard will do a lot to improve the appearance and curb appeal of your landscape and property. Whether you’re using small pebbles or large boulders, these rocks simply provide a natural beauty you can’t get from other types of landscaping materials and features.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your rock landscaping project after you’ve gotten your rock delivery in Lufkin, TX.

Determine exactly what you need for your project

There are many different types of landscaping rocks, and they come in sizes ranging from about the size of peas to large boulders. Your choice depends on the kind of look you’re trying to achieve on your property.

It can help to have various sizes of rocks so your garden does not look one-dimensional. Try using a combination of oversized boulders, river rocks and small gravel. You can also plant bright foliage around certain types of stones to make for a more eye-catching contrast. Then fill out spaces between the rocks with low, thick plants, adding some colorful perennials here and there to make a statement.

Some people like to use rocks to create natural waterfalls, which means you also need to plan out how that will be constructed. You can also use rocks to define walkways or patios, to divert water in creeks or at foundations, to replace old pavers, to build up a rock wall, to keep soil in place or to enhance the appearance of railroad ties.

Prep the area

Before you purchase your materials, draw out some plans for the area you’re looking to fill. Measure out the square footage of the area and keep track of all the dimensions. Draw out some different sizes of stones to get an idea of how they’d fit, and make sure you account for any elements that could prevent you from laying down the rocks in your ideal positions.

If you are going to use heavy boulders, you’ll first need to firmly pack down the soil they’ll be resting on. Your rocks will settle after a certain amount of time, and a failure to pack the soil could result in them sinking farther than you’d like.

If weed control is another priority in your landscaping job, lay down some landscaping cloth wherever you intend to place gravel or small stones. Old newspapers also make effective weed barriers.

Get your supplies and begin arranging

As you select rocks, make sure you keep a balance in terms of sizes, shapes and textures. Consider also the kinds of materials you want to put into the spaces between stones, including grass, mulch, gravel or soil. If you plant flowers, make sure the soil has the proper pH balance.

Once you have all your materials, you can begin arranging the rocks. Visualize how you want the final product to look, and try to clump rocks together rather than sporadically laying them out by themselves. Partially burying the boulders will provide a better appearance than just dropping them down on top of the ground. Make sure you leave enough space to plant flowers and shrubs.

For more information about successfully planning a rock landscaping project, contact Brown’s Paving and Excavation to learn about our rock sales in Lufkin, TX. We’re happy to work with customers on residential, commercial and industrial projects!

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