The Top Five Don’ts of Asphalt Paving in Lufkin, TX

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If you are in charge of leading a paving crew and you are good at what you do, then you know when a mistake needs to be addressed—after all, personal safety and livelihoods are at stake! As an experienced leader, you should always be up to date on safety regulations and keeping an eye out for common mistakes crew members make while handling asphalt. Remain in control of your team, since bad habits are harder to break over time. Observe your team and remember the following five don’ts of asphalt paving in Lufkin, TX:

  • Don’t attempt to train every day: New and experienced paving crew members can benefit from regular training. Continued training refreshes memory and keeps everyone up to date on the best ways of doing things. However, it’s imperative that you only train when you have the time. If the time is not right for you and you train poorly, then you’re putting people’s safety and the quality of the job at risk. What’s best in the meantime is a sort of “micro training”—that is, when you see a new worker make a mistake, take the opportunity to correct them immediately.
  • Don’t start a job unprepared: Before you and your crew head out to a job site, make sure everything is ready to go. Two of the most important tasks for the beginning of the shift are filling up fuel tanks and water tanks, because running out of fuel or water will cause a big interruption in the crew’s day.
  • Don’t put lives at risk: Every paving crew needs a dump man at every paving job to ensure the haul truck driver brings mix to the pavers properly. This person is on the ground and close to danger, so if the dump man is a new employee, make clear to them of the “no-go zone” in front of the paver. They should never step between the paver and the mix haul truck. If shoveling or scraping is needed, the truck must engage the parking brake, and the dump man should be assigned a spotter.
  • Don’t put marks or impressions in the mat: Any new workers on your team should do a lot of observing. For example, don’t let the new person walk on the mat. Lines, marks and footprints don’t roll out! The roller drum merely rolls over the prints, leaving shoe impressions in place.
  • Don’t leave a mess behind: A good paving company won’t leave without first walking the job, also referred to as “not leaving a mess behind.” No paving job is complete until the supervisor has thoroughly inspected it, deemed the final product good enough for the customer and authorized the crew to return to the garage. You don’t want to get called back for repairs, especially since this could cost your company thousands of dollars in materials and labor.

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