What Affects the Longevity of Pavement Sealcoating in Lufkin, TX for Your Parking Lot and Driveway?

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After making an investment in a new driveway or parking lot, you undoubtedly want to do whatever it takes to protect the pavement for as long as possible, but the longevity of your pavement sealcoating in Lufkin, TX can be affected by several different factors. In order to make sure your parking lot or driveway seal lasts, consider a few of these factors that will help extend the life of your investment well into the future.

Quality of the sealcoat

Just like anything, the quality of the materials used in the sealcoat will have a direct effect on how long it will last. If a low-solids, watered-down mixture of sealcoat is used, the effectiveness of the entire job will start diminishing sooner rather than later. On the other hand, high-quality sealer is mixed with sand and usually a polymer additive for extra strength. This will provide the necessary traction for vehicles and pedestrians, and will ultimately help provide the sealcoat job with the durability it needs to stand the test of time.

Number of coats

For the best results, at least two coats will need to be applied. The first coat will need to fully dry before the second coat can be applied, and this final coat should be left to set and dry for at least 24 hours before parking lot use begins. Because excessive traffic can wear down a seal more quickly, if you know in advance that your parking lot will see a lot of daily volume, it may be smart to add a third coat. The amount of sealer applied with each coat is also important, and the manufacturer’s recommendations will serve as the guide for what should work best.

Bad weather leads to wear

The local weather conditions in your area will also play a key role in how often your driveway or parking lot will need to be sealcoated. If your local climate experiences a lot of rain and excess moisture, your sealcoat will be susceptible to premature wear. Similarly, if your area receives enough snowfall that heavy snow-plow traffic is somewhat frequent, you can expect the seal to wear faster as well.

As a general rule, driveways and parking lots need to be sealed every three years or so, but any one of these factors can speed up this frequency. That is why it’s so important to work with a qualified paving contractor to ensure you’re doing everything that’s needed to extend the life of your driveway or parking lot for as long as possible.

To better determine the sealcoating needs for your particular parking lot or driveway, give Brown’s Paving and Excavation a call. For over three decades, our team has built a strong reputation for being the premier pavement sealcoating specialists in Lufkin, TX, and we are ready to use our vast array of experience for whatever your next project may require. To schedule your consultation and keep your driveway or parking lot well protected for years to come, contact us today.

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