How to Avoid Driveway Damage

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Knowing how to avoid driveway damage in Lufkin, TX will save you money on repaving or replacing it in the future. Reducing damage is often dependent on swapping out the kinds of tools you use on the driveway and being aware of your property’s overall condition. Here are six tips on avoiding driveway damage:

  • Control water flow: Sudden heavy rainfall can give your driveway a beating, as can leaving hoses and sprinklers running so your driveway never has a chance to dry. Water causes erosion, and that can damage concrete and asphalt as well as dirt hillsides. This is especially true if you allow water to pool and accumulate, as this can wash out the soil under the driveway. The best way to avoid this element is to build driveways away from where water drains. Also, make sure hoses are turned off and that sprinklers water grass or plants, rather than your driveway.
  • Look out for tree roots: This unseen element can cause a world of hurt to your driveway. The roots grow under the driveway and push against the foundation, leading to uneven surfaces and cracks. Eventually, this leaves it vulnerable to water, which further affects its stability. You can prevent this problem by installing tree root barriers around your driveway before this happens.
  • Find a good contractor: Many driveways crack, rise or sink due to poor installation or substandard building materials. Failure to pack in the foundation often leads to problems later on that cause you to call another contractor to fix them. If you seek to hire the cheapest contractor, you will likely receive work that reflects that price. Research contractors thoroughly before hiring them to ensure the resulting driveway will stand the test of time.
  • Divert heavy vehicles: This is why it is recommended that you give your RVs and other heavy vehicles a separate space that is not on your driveway. Heavier vehicles and loaded vehicles damage driveways that are designed with cars or foot traffic in mind. While having heavy loads occasionally will not disrupt your driveway’s design, do not make that a habit. If you continually host heavy vehicles, divert them to street parking or give them a separate area with heavier paving to accommodate them.
  • Use plastic shovels: In colder climates, shoveling snow compromises driveways. The constant scraping of metal shovels damages the surface, and eventually it damages the driveway. In Texas, this is generally less of an issue, but you can still take precautions if the need arises. If you need to shovel bark dust or gravel for a landscaping project, consider dumping the material somewhere other than your driveway. If you have no other options, use plastic shovels when you gather bark dust or gravel for your landscaping.
  • Watch winter weather elements: Studded tires and rock salt are rarely necessary in Texas, but if you drive to snowy areas or participate in winter sports, limit your driveway’s exposure to these elements. Studded tires and rock salt are notorious for eating away roads and concrete surfaces, including driveways.

Brown’s Paving & Excavation knows how to avoid driveway damage in Lufkin, TX, and offers high-quality repair and repaving services. If your driveway or other concrete surfaces need help, call us today to schedule an estimate.

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