A Decorative Guide to Creating a Rock Landscape

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Creating landscapes with decorative stone and rocks is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially in hot, dry climates where large lawns can require excessive amounts of money and water to maintain. Whether you’re looking for a cozy space, minimalistic flair or prefer a natural look, you can achieve it with decorative stone in Lufkin, TX. There’s no one “best” stone for landscaping—it all depends on the look and effect you want to achieve. That’s why, if you have questions about what sort of rock materials might be best for your property, you should talk to one of the friendly experts at... View Article

Six Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Pond Project

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Ponds are peaceful and fulfilling outdoor spaces, but creating one (whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor) involves a lot of careful planning and foresight. After all, creating a water feature on your property requires plumbing, excavation and sometimes even botany expertise. If you need help with pond excavation in Lufkin, TX, be sure to call on Brown’s Paving and Excavation. This might be your first pond, but it’s not ours! Here are some tips: Come up with a realistic plan: The first thing you need to do is decide how you want your pond to look—and make... View Article

Resurface or Replace: What Does Your Concrete Driveway Need?

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Just like any other component of your home, your driveway experiences wear and tear. It can be difficult to determine whether your driveway needs a new surface or if it is time to replace it. The decision to resurface or replace your concrete driveway in Lufkin, TX is not to be taken lightly. Here’s how to determine what you need to do: Assess the damage: The type and extent of the damage to your driveway often determines whether it is time to replace or repave it. Concrete is porous, and driveways take tons of abuse from cars, foot traffic, temperature... View Article