A Decorative Guide to Creating a Rock Landscape

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Creating landscapes with decorative stone and rocks is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, especially in hot, dry climates where large lawns can require excessive amounts of money and water to maintain. Whether you’re looking for a cozy space, minimalistic flair or prefer a natural look, you can achieve it with decorative stone in Lufkin, TX.

There’s no one “best” stone for landscaping—it all depends on the look and effect you want to achieve. That’s why, if you have questions about what sort of rock materials might be best for your property, you should talk to one of the friendly experts at Brown’s Paving and Excavation. We can help you decide just how to achieve the look you’re going for.

Here’s an overview of just some of the many possibilities:

  • Create walkways, paths and stepping stones: You can use stone material to enhance your garden by creating beautiful walkways. If you’re going for a satisfyingly crunchy experience, you might choose gravel or river rock, whereas flagstones are great for a more comfortable and quiet pathway. Don’t forget the simple beauty of using flat stones as stepping stones, whether in a pond or a yard.
  • Keep the soil where it belongs: Many gardeners and landscapers use stone and rock to help prevent erosion—but you can also use stone to create designated spaces for soil and/or mulch. In some places, it might make sense to use stone or rock as ground cover, especially if you suffer from high temperatures and even higher energy bills.
  • Gardens and ponds: One way to anchor your garden or pond is to use stone and rock to create a natural-looking outer edge. Ponds look great with river rock or beach pebbles, whereas rock can be great to show off desert plants or yard art.
  • Decoration: The earth offers plenty of natural beauty all by itself, so why not take advantage of Mother Nature’s flair for design? You can use decorative rocks to draw the eye where you’d like it to focus, as well as show off pretty specimens. Some people use boulders to create natural benches, while others love the look of a cobblestone pathway or patio. Some people even fill giant outdoor baskets with stones as a decorative feature.

No matter what you decide, Brown’s Paving and Excavation is sure to be able to help. We have decades of experience and can help you create a modern look with natural materials.

Get started on your new rock landscape in Lufkin, TX

Brown’s Paving and Excavation has offered a full range of rock landscape materials and decorative stone in Lufkin, TX for over 30 years. Whether you’re looking for crushed concrete, large decorative rocks, gravel delivery or our paving and excavation services, we have a team of friendly experts who can make your landscaping vision a reality. Call us today to talk about our pickup and delivery options as well as any budgetary and time constraints you may have. We look forward to discussing the particulars of your project soon!

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