Resurface or Replace: What Does Your Concrete Driveway Need?

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Just like any other component of your home, your driveway experiences wear and tear. It can be difficult to determine whether your driveway needs a new surface or if it is time to replace it. The decision to resurface or replace your concrete driveway in Lufkin, TX is not to be taken lightly. Here’s how to determine what you need to do:

  • Assess the damage: The type and extent of the damage to your driveway often determines whether it is time to replace or repave it. Concrete is porous, and driveways take tons of abuse from cars, foot traffic, temperature fluctuations and weather elements. Deep cracks and rising sections often show the foundation is compromised and it needs replacement. Nicks, scratches and shallow cracks can be handled with resurfacing. If entire sections crumble away, you definitely need to replace it.
  • Be honest about maintenance: Many homeowners do not realize driveways require regular care. If you sealed your driveway and patched up small cracks as they arose, it is likely you can get away with resurfacing. This goes to show how far maintenance can go in preserving your driveway and save you money on replacing it later. However, if you ignored damage and never sealed the driveway, you likely need to replace it, since the damage likely lingered and affected the foundation and packing. You will have a safer driveway and learn to keep it in better condition.
  • Consider age: Consider when you last resurfaced or replaced your driveway. If you recently bought your house and have no clue when the driveway last received work, you may need to replace it just to reset the clock and start a regular maintenance schedule. However, if it looks fine except for a few cracks, the driveway is either fairly new or at least well maintained. Even then, there could be aging that affects the foundation, and you will not necessarily be able to see that. When in doubt, have a skilled contractor assess your driveway.
  • Check your budget: Replacing driveways is expensive work, and you may not be ready for that investment. If you can get away with resurfacing and waiting a few years to replace the driveway, that is likely your best option. Even if it does not look its best, if it’s structurally sound and the foundation is not compromised, you can get away with addressing the holes and cracks without completely resurfacing it. There are options that will work with your budget.
  • Compare costs: While replacing driveways is not inexpensive, it can be less expensive than making multiple repairs. If you must schedule repairs throughout the season, you will likely pay more than expected. Consider replacing the driveway if there are that many flaws. It can be a good chance to redesign and even consider using decorative concrete to give your home a new look.

Brown’s Paving and Excavation can help you decide whether to resurface or replace your concrete driveway in Lufkin, TX. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and estimate.

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