Six Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Pond Project

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Ponds are peaceful and fulfilling outdoor spaces, but creating one (whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor) involves a lot of careful planning and foresight. After all, creating a water feature on your property requires plumbing, excavation and sometimes even botany expertise. If you need help with pond excavation in Lufkin, TX, be sure to call on Brown’s Paving and Excavation. This might be your first pond, but it’s not ours! Here are some tips:

  • Come up with a realistic plan: The first thing you need to do is decide how you want your pond to look—and make sure that your budget and landscape can support it. After all, you probably want your water feature to look as if it were part of the naturally-occurring area. (No shame if artificial is your thing, but keep in mind that your property might not be able to produce and support a “mountain spring” style waterfall, or at least not without excessive expense.
  • Figure out the technical specifications: After you’ve decided on a plan and design, it’s time to figure out what, exactly, this project is going to require. From tools to materials, you need to figure out what it will take to install the pond. This is a great time to do some research on the internet, as well as consult with professionals at your local home stores.
  • Purchase your materials: After you know what the project will require, make sure to purchase all of your materials at once. You never know how a project will go, and what item you might need at a moment’s notice. Many basic pond items come in kit form for your convenience.
  • Take a tool inventory: Now that you have all of your materials, it’s time to make sure you have all the tools necessary to complete the job. These will vary depending on what kind of pond you’re building, so again, consult with experts and do your research.
  • Plan for labor: Next, decide how you’re going to proceed. If you plan on hiring a professional excavation company like Brown’s Paving and Excavation, you’ll want to call for a quote and address any scheduling concerns. Then you should go down the list of steps to decide how, when and who will fulfill the labor.
  • Decorate and fill: Once the bulk of the project is done, you get to do the fun stuff: decorating your pond, filling it and maybe even adding fish or other wildlife. Once that’s completed, you’ll have a beautiful new outdoor space to enjoy.

Build your pond landscape in Lufkin, TX

Since 1985, Brown’s Paving and Excavation has been helping home and business owners with pond landscapes in Lufkin, TX. We also offer a whole range of services that can help you create the outdoor spaces of your dreams. Call us today to learn more about our paving and excavation services so you can start enjoying the outdoors just as much as the indoors. We look forward to assisting with your project!

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