Rock Sales and Delivery Lukfin, TX

rock deliverBrown’s Paving and Excavation offers a full range of rock sales, gravel delivery and crushed concrete services. We are known for our friendly service and prompt deliveries. We are capable of providing multiple types of rocks for various applications, and will work with you to use these valuable materials to their fullest potential.

Regardless of what your project is, our team will ensure that you have all of the supplies and support needed to bring it to fruition. As the premier rock contractor in Lufkin, TX, we work hard to meet all your expectations throughout the entirety of the sale and delivery process.

Rock Services

We offer several different types of rock services, sales and deliveries for a myriad of applications. Here are just some of the ways that we can help you use gravel to enhance your property:

Our drivers will deliver rocks as close to your job site as possible. We offer a wide range of drop-off and pick-up options, and are more than willing to work with your budget and time constraints. Our dedicated team members strive to provide quality customer service and bring years of industry expertise to the table.

Ordering Rocks in Lukfin, TX

Place an order for some of our high-quality rocks or gravel today! We can help you begin the process of revitalizing your property, enhancing your driveway or adding natural beauty to your land. To learn about our pricing and delivery options, contact us at 936-632-0550.